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Settlement Through Mediation

Happy Clients. All Lawyers I know are interested in happy clients. Whether you represent Defendants or Plaintiffs in civil cases, divorcing couples, small businesses or people accused of crimes, Lawyers want happy clients. Obviously, happy clients create more clients through word of mouth or because of positive postings on social media.

A Mediation can create a happy client by providing participation for the client in the settlement process. A number of attorneys I know will simply inform their client what the settlement amount was and offer them the ability to accept or refuse it. That's not really appropriate or ethical, but that's often how it happens in our busy world. Clients need to know what is happening in their case and how different offers were presented and whether there is more room to get better offers. Unless the attorney is willing to tell the client what the offers and counter offers were, along with all the discussion that went along with the offers, the client ends up feeling like they are in the dark. Opposed to trial, Mediation has minimal risk, since success means an agreement was reached. Clients can have the effect of a "mini trial" because during a mediation, the facts, damages and law often get discussed between the Mediator and the attorney, usually directly in front of the client. The client then hears from a disinterested third party what the strengths and weaknesses of the case may be, whether for them or against them. The Mediator isn't supposed to push the party to an inappropriate settlement, but can certainly help find the strengths and weaknesses of the case, which may help get past roadblocks or emotion.

Clients who understand their cases and what happened are happy clients!! Mediation can provide that education.

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